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Stud Poker

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The most famous game in the world

Stud Poker is a counterpart card game, where participants play against the Casino. Have fun in the second floor, playing this type of the most famous game in the world in our Salón Real.

Please find out next all you need to know about Stud Poker.

It’s played with the English deck, comprising 52 cards. Their values, from the highest to the lowest, are as follows:

  • Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.
  • The Ace can also be used as the smallest card, with a value of 1.

The game table has got seven stake squares divided into three spaces; one of them for the Initial Stake, another one for the Second Stake, and a third one for the Insurance Stake. As opposed to other poker types, each player plays exclusively against the bank. Any mistakes in the card distribution, in the number or in the untimely appearance of some uncovered card, entails the cancelling of the play. Besides, during the play, players aren’t allowed to speak among t hem or to show each other their cards.

How to play stud poker

In order to start the hand, the player must place his Initial Stake on the first square, and, if he so wishes, also on the Insurance. Next, the dealer deals five covered cards to each player, plus five more to himself, leaving the last card uncovered.

If the player considers that he cannot surpass the bank, he will place his cards facing down, which will be removed by the dealer together with the Initial Stake. Those players who wish to continue, must place on their cards twice the amount of the Initial Stake. Next, the dealer will uncover his hand, and, in case he has no higher bet than Ace-King, he will pay the Initial Stake (1×1), without discovering the cards of the players who have placed the second bet. If the dealer’s play is equal or higher than Ace-King, he will uncover each player’s cards, he’ll pay those bets higher than his, and he will remove those which are lower. Payments will be made according to the bets and payments table.


The Insurance Stake is an additional option. Even if the bank wins the bet or if it doesn’t, the player can multiply his Insurance bet as many times as the payment table determines. In case of achieving one of the combinations in the bets table, the prizes will be the following:

  • Full house: 100 veces la cantidad apostada en el Seguro.
  • Four of a kind: 300 veces la cantidad apostada en el Seguro.
  • Color flush: 1.000 veces la cantidad apostada en el Seguro.
  • Royal flush: 2.000 veces la cantidad apostada en el Seguro.

One needs to reach the Second Stake in order to use this option. Each player can buy one card exchanging it with one of the 5 they have in hand. The card to be exchanged will be placed in front of the Insurance Stake and, on top of it, an equal amount to the Initial Stake. The dealer will remove that amount and he will hand out an uncovered card, which will complete the play with the 4 cards placed on the Second Stake square.

In case that the player and the dealer have the same play, the winner will be the one whose combination contains the highest value cards. In case of having equal cards, then the player will keep their bet, but will not get any prize.

Game table

This is the look of a Stud Poker table:

Winning combinations

In case of draw, the highest card will win.

Royal Flush


Color Flush


Four Of A Kind


Full House






Three Of A Kind


Two pair




Minimum bet


Maximums and minimums

The maximums and minimums are within the fluctuation range authorized by the Autonomous Region of Madrid and they’re explained in the Stud Poker table.


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