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Responsible gaming

Gaming is conceived as a recreational activity which generates entertainment and socialization in our daily lives, provided that they are consumed responsibly.

Various gaming types are practiced in Spain, among them, there are lotteries, casinos, bingos, betting, slot machines, etc.

At Casino Gran Vía we want you to enjoy yourself responsibly, always promoting a new culture of gaming in which this activity is practiced within the scope of leisure and without an addictive type of gaming.

We’d like to remind you that practicing Gaming without restraints may cause addiction, that is why we’d like to offer you some advice so as to enjoy yourself and to practice gaming responsibly:

  • You should never exceed your limitations, considering your financial status.
  • Gaming is for entertainment; it isn’t a means to solve your financial issues.
  • Do not game under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Do not borrow money for gaming.
  • If you lose, do not continue to game so as to recover your losses.
  • Do not game if you are in a depressive mood.

In case you believe that you might suffer from gaming issues, we’d like to advise you to contact any of the associations in your area.

If you wish to obtain information about how to obtain a casino self-exclusion, please call +34 91 580 48 92.

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