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Punto Banco

Casino Gran Vía Madrid

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Mini PUNTO BANCO is a counterpart card game in which the objective is to reach or to get as close as possible to the score of 9.

It’s a counterpart game where participants play against the casino. You choose whom you play against!

At the 2nd floor of Casino Gran Vía, you will find a private Asian-themed decorated room exclusively dedicated to these game tables. Come to this unique and exotic place to enjoy an exclusive experience.

You can also enjoy these game tables at our exclusive Salón Real, one of the most special corners of the Casino.

Game development

You can play for Punto, Banco or Draw, by placing your bets on the corresponding squares reading “Punto” or “Banco”.

Each player, in turns, takes the shoe and, following the dealer’s instructions, they deal two hands. One is for Punto, and the other one for Banco. The dealer hands the two Punto cards to the player who has placed the highest bet in favor of Punto, announcing the result of adding the cards once the player unveils them. Then, the player acting as Banco shows his cards, and their addition is also announced by the dealer.

From that moment on, the hand may finish (if 8 or 9 appear in any of the options), or maybe another card has to be dealt to Punto, to Banca or to both, in a mandatory way. This will depend on the game regulating table.

Card Values
  • All the face cards and tens = Zero o “BACCARAT”.
  • ACE = ONE
  • All the rest will have the value marked in their face.

The various hands of Mini PUNTO BANCO comprise two or three cards maximum, and, when adding points, tens are not counted, while the addition of units is the only one which counts for the game.


The dealer will announce the hand with the highest score, and he will proceed to pay the winning bets.

  • Punto: in case the Punto hand wins, it will receive an equal payment to the bet placed.
  • Banco: in case the Banco hand wins, it will receive an equal payment to the bet placed.
  • Draw: the draw pays 8 to 1.

Remember that our staff will be at your disposal to clarify any doubts.

“ Remember that our staff will be at your disposal to clarify any doubts.

Table regulating the game

You may click on any image to zoom in.

Maximums and minimums

Maximums and minimums are within the fluctuation range authorized by the Autonomous Government of Madrid and they’re explained at each Midi PUNTO BANCO table.


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