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American Roulette

Casino Gran Vía Madrid

One of the oldest betting games in the world

American Roulette is a game where participants play against the Casino. The objective is guessing in which roulette number the ball will fall.

At Casino Gran Vía, you’ll find American Roulette tables in the second floor. The Salón Real is the perfect place to enjoy one of the most famous games in the world in an exclusive environment.

This is one of the oldest betting games in the world, which has given rise to different hypotheses about its origins. From the evolution of a game played in ancient China, to a training method in ancient Roman camps, to keep the soldiers entertained, until it appeared in 17th century France when Blaise Pascal invented a roulette with 36 numbers.

The game continued to evolve until the French brothers François & Louis Blanc added number zero, in the late 19th century. This roulette, the one we know nowadays, was first introduced at the Montecarlo Casino.

Dare pick your lucky number and experience the thrill!

How to play American Roulette

Next, you will find some rules and curiosities about American roulette:

  • There’s no maximum number of participants.
  • Players can play with color or value chips.
  • The dealer announces the start of the game, the winning number and the payment of prizes. Besides, if you prefer, they can help you place your bets.

The game is played in the same way as the French roulette. The main difference is that the American roulette playmat has the simple options on one side (Black/Red/Even/Odd and High/Low), while the French roulette has them on both sides.

Players must place their bets before the dealer says “no more bets”. The dealer will make the ball spin around the roulette wheel, and, after spinning for a while, the ball stops in one of the squares numbered from 0 to 36. The square where it falls determines the winning number. The dealer will announce the winning number and the winning bets, and then pays them out.

Game scheme

These images summarize the game development. Click on them so as to zoom in.

Types of bets

At the Casino Gran Vía American roulette, bets can be made using as a reference either the Layout and/or the Wheel.


In this mode, players usually place their chips on the table. This is the simplest type of bet, since it’s about playing 18 numbers, depending on the chosen option (Black or Red/Even or Odd and High or Low). It pays 1×1.


In these bets the player, with one single chip, covers several winning possibilities. The various winning combinations are explained next:

  • Straight up: With this bet you play only one number. It pays 35×1.
  • Split: This bet comprises two consecutive numbers on the layout, in horizontal or vertical direction. For this purpose, the chip is placed on the line dividing both numbers. It pays 17×1.
  • Street: You play the three numbers found in one of the horizontal rows of the layout. Other options are: betting on 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3. It pays 11×1.
  • Corner/Square: This bet comprises four consecutive numbers on the layout or 0, 1, 2 and 3. Thus, the chip is placed at the center of the four numbers. It pays 8×1.
  • Double street: This bet comprises the six numbers found in two neighboring rows of three horizontal numbers. It pays 5×1.
  • 1st Column: This bet comprises the 12 numbers found in the chosen column. It pays 2×1.
  • 2nd Column: This bet comprises the 12 numbers found in the chosen Dozen (First P12, Second S12 or Third T12). It pays 2×1.
  • Double Column: This bet comprises all the numbers found in 2 of the 3 Columns found in the layout. Thus, the chip is placed on the line dividing both Columns of the layout. It pays 0.5×1.
  • Double Dozen: This bet is made on all the numbers found in two of the three Dozens in the layout: P12 (First Dozen), from 1 to 12; S12 (Second Dozen), from 13 to 24; T12 (Third Dozen), from 25 to 36. Thus, the chip is placed on the line dividing the squares corresponding to each Dozen. It pays 0.5×1.

It’s about covering as many numbers on the layout by using the minimum amount of chips. Please note the following bets per sectors:

  • Neighboring number: The bet is made on the chosen number on the wheel and the numbers found on both sides of the wheel: The neighbors. For example, if you place a bet on 0 and a neighbor, you’d be betting for 0, 26 and 32. If the bet is made on 0 and two neighbors, this will comprise 0, 3, 15, 26 and 32.
  • Neighbors of 0: With 9 chips, 17 numbers are covered. The chips are placed as follows:

2 chips to the cross section 0, 2,3.

1 chip to the split bets 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22.

2 chips to the square 25/29 and one chip to the split bets 32/35.

  • 0 and Neighbors: 17 numbers are covered with 10 chips. Chips are placed in the same way as Neighbors of 0, adding a full to 0.
  • Third: 12 numbers are covered with 6 chips. Bets are placed on the numbers located in the marked area of the wheel cylinder. In this case, bets are placed in the Split modality, and they’d be placed as follows:

5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36.

  • Orphelins: 8 numbers are played with 5 chips. Bets are placed on the numbers located in the marked area of the wheel cylinder. Chips are placed as follows:

One on straight on 1.

One on the split bets 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34.

Winning combinations

These are the winning combinations of the American roulette. You may click on them in order to zoom in.

Winning combinations
Types of bets
Maximums and minimums

Maximums and minimums are within the fluctuation range authorized by the Autonomous Government of Madrid, and they’re explained at each American roulette table.


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