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Atrium and stairs

Casino Gran Vía

One of the symbols of the palace

The atrium in Casino Gran Vía is a porticoed courtyard located at the core of the building to which one enters through the Renaissance-styled great central lobby. This is one of the most characteristic spaces of this gorgeous palace, presiding the Access to the upper Casino rooms.

Its shape is rectangular, with three heights, and it connects all the building floors. It’s located around the lobby, with porticoed perimeter corridors with Stone columns and capitals in gold leaf. It’s reminiscent of Ancient Greece and the roaring 20s; it could fit perfectly in a Great Gatsby movie.

The staircase stems from the floor of the inner court, ascending three flights to give access to the first floor. Linked to it, we notice the banister consisting of a handrail, the continuous baluster and the plinth. Besides, the banister is integrated by these three flights, separated among them by four small pillars and two great pillars at the foot of the staircase. Each stretch of the handrail rests on a stretch of baluster, while, in turn, they rest on the plinth, all of them connected by an assembly system. The stone banister, the decorated plaster ceilings, the metallic structure and the stained-glass windows are part of the Casino Gran Vía architecture.

“ The rehabilitation of this area of the Casino has returned to it its historical aesthetics and its constructive purpose.

The honor staircase made of natural alabaster with a black marble plinth, grants access to the noble rooms upstairs, with an abundance of marble, bronze, chandeliers and paintings. The staircase handrail, sharing the same characteristics as the rest of the courtyard, is topped at the start by two marble bases which integrate a bronze lamp.


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